Our roofing sheets are of the highest standard in the long span roofing industry. They are made with the best technology to withstand any harsh weather especially the African weather. Our sheets also come with manufacturer's warranty. Because we believe in the sheets we have available we know they will last you a life time.affordable price. Because of the nature of the Ghanaian environment Express Roofing systems ensures that it provides only the best technology in the roofing industry by providing only quality roofing sheets from Australia and America. Our roofing sheets are pre-coated sheets which do not fade out or rust over the years.

Ghana is located in the tropics and the weather is harsh in the tropics. We experience much more intense sunshine. Our roofing sheets are pre-coated therefore it does not fade out due to the intensity of the sun rays. The roofing sheets are well prepared for any harsh environment therefore it does not corrode or rust even in coastal areas where the salty nature of the atmospher aids corrosion.

Getting yourself cheap painted or sprayed roofing sheets which does not last long will cause you to re-roof your building within a short while.

colour schemes

We provide you with various colours of roofing sheets especially those colours that can blend well with several other colours to give you the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of colours for painting your building. We currently have Four major colours namely Manor Red, Deep Ocean, Cottage Green and Headland.