FREE ESTIMATES and more!!!

Our aim is to provide you with total roofing solutions. We ensure that the beauty of your buildings are enhanced by your roofing giving you complete comfort for a lifetime.

We provide you with experienced technical advice on your roofing as well as getting you well experienced and competent people to take care of your woodwork which is the base of your roofing.

We provide you with free estimates for your roofing needs. Provisional Estimates are generated based on the measurements on your roof plans. After the completion of your woodwork our experienced estimators would visit your building site to take actual measurements of the roof to provide you with the actual Estimate. This takes care of any changes or alterations that might be done to the roof plan when installing the wood work. We also deliver the estimates to you at home or work per your preference. All these services are FREE of charge to you.

Our team of experience installers would be at your site to install the roofing sheets with the latest technology to prevent any leakages.

We provide transportation services of your roofing sheets to the site at a very subsidized cost to ensure that your sheets are not damaged in the process of transporting them to site.


current promotion

This festive season, we are giving you up to 10% discount when you roof your buildings with our quality AluZinc roofing sheets.